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Interactive Genesis2 GUI

Installing the GUI

Unpack the tarball such that <path> is the name of the top-level directory containing "index.htm". For instance, on our machine <path> is "/home/steveri/ig" and the full pathname for index.htm is "/home/steveri/ig/index.htm".

Use symbolic links to connect the top-level directory to your web server e.g. in our installation we did

 % ln -s /home/steveri/ig /var/www/homepage/ig 

such that the URL "http://www-vlsi.stanford.edu/ig" takes you to "index.htm" and starts the gui.

Similarly, connect the <path>/cgi subdirectory to your web server's cgi-bin directory; for instance, in our installation this is accomplished by

 % ln -s /home/steveri/ig/cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ig

The GUI calls an "update" perl script using the URL "/cgi-bin/ig/updatedesign.pl" (see "Button_SubmitChanges.js). You can test this by visiting the URL; e.g. if you visit "http://www-vlsi.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/ig/updatedesign.pl" you'll see a valid error message output: "ERROR: new design name is null." This indicates that the perl script is in the right place (for Stanford's installation!)

At this point you may have to mess around with permissions a bit to get everything working...good luck with that.