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Genesis2 To Do List

This page purpose is to serve as my own memory of things that people point out as needed to improve the user experience with Genesis2.

Please, if you add an item to the list, make sure to also back it up with an email to Ofer Shacham Ofer Shacham or Steve Richardson Steve Richardson!

Genesis2 Engine

  • Improve debug statements: make the perl debug line number correspond to the .vp file instead of the .pm file.
  • Add <Comment> to the xml data structure and add a "$self->comment('text')" method that corresponds to it.
  • Add param_range and param_doc (probably requires change in xml schema so that params are not titled by name)
  • change xml schema to make params an ordered array
  • change xml schema to put sub instances under an entity not by their name. make it an ordered list.


  • Describe the gui (how to use, how to install, etc.) Interactive Genesis2 GUI Page
  • Wrap GUI for delivery to / installation by users
  • Parse the <Comment> field of the xml into a printout on the module body in the gui.

Shacham 15:24, 17 March 2011 (PDT)