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How to use this page / Useful links

How to use this page

  • Add your wish to the wish list below. I will assume that wishes higher on the list have greater priority than those further down. Feel free to move wishes (your own or others!) up or down the list as you think appropriate.
  • If your wish is an actual bug, it should probably be entered into bugzilla at - specify component "GUI".
  • I will make a to-do item based on your wish and add it to my to-do list, below.

Useful links: See #Links below.

GUI Wish List

Miscellaneous / new / uncategorized wishes

Show Root Design

  • [mw 2/2012] Can we make some sort of this-was-generated-from-that information available? Like on the bottom of your current php show "viewing ZZZ.php, generated from YYY.php[, generated from ZZZ.php, generated from tile_megan->blah.xml] As I'm clicking through and hitting submit, it's easy to lose track of which files were generated from what. In general this isn't very useful probably but I think it is useful for tracking back when something goes wrong.

Clean up main GUI page

Use Genesis2 wiki for todo lists

  • [sr 4/2012] move todo, done lists from vlsi wiki to genesis2 wiki; update links page

Migrate todo.htm from GUI to Wiki

  • add to home page: "To-do list is now in the *wiki*" in place of existing link
  • move todo.htm to this page
  • eliminate todo.htm from perforce

Stewie (and GUI!) should clean up after themselves

 Do this: cd /tmp; ls -lt | grep steveri | head
 What are these and who is not cleaning them up!?:
   - /tmp/tmp.std{err,out}*
   - /tmp/tmp<pid>.[12]
   - /tmp/tmp-gui-unpack.<pid> (I suspect configs/install/build_*)
   - /tmp/stewie-ff.<pid>.log

CMU maintenance


Miscellaneous items

  • old link vlsiweb/ig should print message/forward to vlsiweb/genesis
  • cleanup/maintain main GUI wiki page. (sr 9/2011)

Completed items

See GUI Done List.

Outstanding Bugzilla requests


XML-to-JS pre-translation required?

Is this right? From documentation at CG/GUI: "For now, the database must have been pre-translated from XML to JavaScript objects. In the future, the translation will be done on-the-fly."

Better place for scratch directory?

TODO: should probably have a better temp space than the scratch subdirectory, i.e. maybe /tmp!?


  • For now, each XML design database must be pre-translated to JavaScript objects. In the future, the translation should be done on-the-fly by
  • TODO: should probably have a better temp space than the scratch subdirectory, i.e. maybe /tmp!?



GUI Maintenance

GUI Links